Talking Teddy Bear

Talking Teddy Bear 3.1.0

Play with a virtual teddy bear


  • Record videos
  • Share with friend or update to YouTube
  • Play various instruments and compose your own music


  • Repetitive


Talking Teddy Bear is a virtual stuffed bear app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Similar to other talking animal apps like Talking Tom Cat, there are a lot of fun things you can do with your virtual teddy bear. Make him repeat what you say by talking to him. The bear will respond back in his own voice. You can also record what Talking Teddy Bear is saying and doing and upload the video to YouTube or share with friends. Just record a message to a relative or a pal, and you're good to go.

Your iPhone's touchscreen also lets you interact with Playing Teddy Bear. If you touch his chair, he loses his balance. Rub his stomach and he giggles. Poke him in the eye and he'll start crying. In addition, there are buttons that will allow Talking Teddy Bear to pick up an instrument like the guitar or trumpet and a little keyboard at the bottom of your touchscreen for you to make him play specific chords or notes. Some of the instrument options are only available on the paid version of the Talking Teddy Bear app though.

The only issue with Talking Teddy Bear is that it quickly gets repetitive and potentially even annoying. That's true for any of these types of talking apps however.

While there's not enough action to keep you interested long-term, Talking Teddy Bear offers some short-term fun on your iPhone.

Talking Teddy Bear


Talking Teddy Bear 3.1.0

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